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ETTEL BETTEL is a creative concept based on a thoughtful approach to the parent-child lifestyle - aiming at making the adult's life easier without forgetting the child's perspective. Our brands lines of kids-wear, as well as practical accessories and decor solutions, offer a smart simplicity based on functionality, comfort and style. 

ETTEL BETTEL's brands use only the highest quality materials. The fabrics are carefully treated to prevent pilling, shrinkage, and color fade. The final product reveals constant attention to quality and detail, from the labels and trims to the prints. In other words we pick brands that design kids-wear that looks fine, feels softer and lives longer, tailored to the parent's needs and the child's comfort.

Our brands create with love and passion and hope you'll enjoy the EttelBettel's team as much as we do.

Come have fun with us!  


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